Chicago Book Review IS NOT Chicago Review of Books

CBR_Logo2I don’t know why Chicago Review of Books chose a name so similar to ours when they launched a year ago, more than two years after Chicago Book Review began publishing, but they did. And so there’s been a lot of confusion since then, primarily on Twitter.

Now, however, since Chicago Review of Books decided that they would not review any Simon & Schuster titles in light of that house’s decision to publish Milo Yiannopoulos’s forthcoming book, we here at Chicago Book Review have been catching a lot of shit.


If you’d like to complain about or harass Chicago Review of Books, you can find them at
You can email them at
You can tweet at them at @bookschicago

We here at Chicago Book Review have been on an unintended hiatus since July due to an accident suffered by the publisher and founder of CBR. In addition, we only review books that have some kind of direct connection to Chicago and/or the Midwest, so the Yiannopolous thing isn’t really a thing with us. Furthermore, we have made no statements whatsoever regarding Yiannopolous or Simon & Schuster, and we have no intention of doing so.

If you want to freak out over this issue, please direct your freakishness to Chicago Review of Books and not to us here at Chicago Book Review.

Thank you.

—Kelli Christiansen
Chicago Book Review



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2 responses to “Chicago Book Review IS NOT Chicago Review of Books

  1. Greetings, Kelli. I’m glad to see you resurface. Sorry about the accident, but glad you’re still around. I have missed you lo these many months. Hope you are fully recovered and had a chance to enjoy the holidays. Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year — and a year without accidents or the kind of confusion mentioned in your post.


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