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  2. Kim

    By not accepting self published books from local published authors, all Chicago Book Review is doing is helping line the pockets of the big publishing houses, rather than help local authors move past the “self published” stigma. I have read books published by big houses and they were awful, much like I’ve read self published titles that were wonderful. Why would anyone send you a book to merely scoff at and disregard as trite because of the logo or lack there of? Your site is a joke, it should be “Big House Review” since you have taken the “Chicago” out of the mix.

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    • chicagobookreview


      Thanks for your feedback. We’re sorry you feel that our “site is a joke,” but our goal isn’t necessarily to help local authors move past the “self-published stigma.” If you actually read our reviews, you’ll see that Chicago Book Review is reviewing books from indie houses from Chicago and the Midwest, including Allium Press, Lake Street Press, Northwestern University Press, Twelve Winters Press, and numerous other local publishers, including Agate Publishing and Sourcebooks, which is the largest woman-owned indie publisher in the country. We’re reviewing local authors who have worked with a variety of publishers, large and small. All of this is in keeping with our mission to highlight the books coming from local publishers and local houses. If you are, indeed, looking for someone to review your self-published title, you might check out Kirkus Reviews, Midwest Book Review, Digital Book Today, etc. In addition, a number of area libraries are featuring books self-published authors, including Glen Ellyn Public Library. Also, check out Chicago Self-Publishing, a local group that offers all sorts of networking and insights for helping self-published authors. Good luck!


  3. I assume you don’t understand how insulting your guidelines are to self-published authors (local or not). My books are professionally edited, well-regarded, award-winning. Self-publishing is not a synonym for unprofessional. But publicly denigrating self-published authors is definitely unprofessional.

    Yes, there are badly written, badly edited self-published books out there. There are also badly written, badly edited traditionally published books out there. I know. I’ve been sent copies to review on Broadway World’s website and could not believe how bad they were. I’ve even said as much in reviews.

    Perhaps it would be more accurate if your name reflected your philosophy: Chicago Review of Traditionally-Published Books.

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